Hector Classic Mobiles
Hector Classic Mobiles

Hector Classic Mobiles

HCM is a small family company where focus is put on providing a personalized service to classic car lovers concerning maintenance, restoration, advice, rally preparation, buy & sell….

Thanks to his involvement for plenty years in the automotive world, Franz acquired a broad network of car enthusiasts, collectors and dealers in Belgium but also throughout Europe.

We place great emphasis on helping our customers to take the best decisions during the entire process they are involved in : restoration project, looking for the best way to sell their classic car….

We are able to give expert advice on the way to present your car in your best interest.

On request we execute the whole process for our client.

Transparency, discretion and personalized service is our recipe to develop a long-term relationship with our customers.

Franz Lamot & Michèle Delcorte

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HCM at Retromobile Paris 2019

HCM at Retromobile Paris 2019

After Maastricht, Hector Classic Mobiles goes to Paris !  Retromobile Paris is known as the number "one" of the Classic Car exhibitions, not because of its size, but because of…

Final Countdown...

Final Countdown...

Final countdown not only to 2019....but also to Interclassics Maastricht ! For sure...you want to be the first to discover our impressive collection... Discover it already in our showroom in…

HCM goes Interclassics Maastricht 2019

HCM goes Interclassics Maastricht 2019

HCM is particularly enthusiastic about the idea of participating in Interclassics Maastricht 2019 ! Not only because of the fantastic organisation of this event, but also because we have so…

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Address Grote Steenweg 10 2440 Geel, Belgium

Tel / email General enquiries:
0032 (0)14 946.490
Classic & Sportscars:
0032 (0)475 366.352 (Franz Lamot)
Marketing & Sales:
0032 (0)471 867.065 (Michèle Lamot)
0032 (0)475 366.352 (Franz Lamot)

Opening times

From monday - friday: 9h00 - 17h00
Saturday: 9h00 - 15h00
Sunday: Closed

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General enquiries: 0032 (0)14 946.490

Sales & Marketing: 0032 (0)471 867.065 (Michèle Delcorte)

Email: workshop@hcmobiles.eu

Management: 0032 (0)475 366.352 (Franz Lamot)

Email: info@hcmobiles.eu