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Life is nothing without passion….

Franz’ passion for cars and mechanics started when he was a little boy and grow with the years.

In the ‘90th he started a semi-professional career as a GT1, GT2 and GT3 race pilot.

He went to carve a successful track record.

In the meanwhile he also nourished love for classic cars.

Finally, his wife Michèle made a career switch and decided to join him in the adventure of creating their own classic cars company, named after their beloved dog,

Hector, a gorgeous German shepherd…..

Core business & commitment :

Core business of HCM is definitely servicing Bentley oldtimers or Bentley specials. But over the years, and especially

with the arrival of experienced & specialized car mechanics, this Bentley service was extended to the recent one's, whether you are the happy owner from a Bentley Pre-war, a Bentley

Special or the latest Bentley Continental GT..., we will be very pleased to serve you !

Today, thanks to the growing knowledge of our team, HCM offers a full range of personalised services :

advice, assistance, restoration, repair enhancement and a comprehensive range of services.

We are focused on continuous improvement of our service quality and our standards. 

In addition to our core business, our workshop offers also the same service possibilities to all type of classic cars.

Take the time to visit our showroom and workshop !

We are looking forward to meeting you !


Address Grote Steenweg 10 2440 Geel, Belgium

Tel / email General enquiries:
0032 (0)14 946.490
Classic & Sportscars:
0032 (0)475 366.352 (Franz Lamot)
Marketing & Sales:
0032 (0)471 867.065 (Michèle Lamot)
0032 (0)475 366.352 (Franz Lamot)

Opening times

From monday - friday: 9h00 - 17h00
Saturday: 9h00 - 15h00
Sunday: Closed

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General enquiries: 0032 (0)14 946.490

Sales & Marketing: 0032 (0)471 867.065 (Michèle Delcorte)

Email: workshop@hcmobiles.eu

Management: 0032 (0)475 366.352 (Franz Lamot)

Email: info@hcmobiles.eu